LTC/CHL Classes

What is the Texas License to Carry Class?

The LTC class is the course required to obtain a Texas License to carry a handgun (formerly called a Concealed Handgun License). The LTC class is taught by a Texas Department of Public Safety certified experienced instructor.

Note: Please allocate 5-6 hours for the course. The LTC class is required by the state of Texas to be taught 4-6 hours in the classroom, plus additional time for the shooting qualification and breaks.




Renewal applications may be submitted online here:

The DPS will use existing fingerprints and photos on file for renewal applications. However, sometimes the quality of those prints originally submitted no longer meets the State or FBI standards. If we are unable to use the fingerprints on file, you will be notified to obtain a new set of prints along with instructions on where you must be fingerprinted.


New LTC Applicants:


The Texas LTC is not an introductory or “handgun 101” class. Students are expected to already be familiar and moderately proficient with their firearm, understand and follow the basic rules of handgun safety, as well as know how to load their firearm and safely operate their firearm.

If you feel that you need additional assistance before signing up for the LTC class, private instruction can be arranged by clicking here:


Here are the steps to obtain your LTC:

1.  First, be sure you are eligible. Check your eligibility here:

2.  Fill out the DPS online LTC State Application here:

Please note: Your paperwork does not have to be completed before attending the LTC class. You can complete the application and schedule your fingerprinting appointment before or after attending class.

3. Schedule and complete your fingerprinting here:

4. Register to take your LTC class here:





What are the fees involved in obtaining my LTC?

Please note: The New Warrior Defense System’s LTC class fee is different from the required DPS processing fee.

Class Fee

  • $100 LTC Class (incl. range fee & eye and ear protection)
  • $75 Active Duty/Military Veteran/First Responder (incl. range fee & eye and ear protection)

DPS Processing Fee

  • $40 Initial License & Renewal
  • $25 Military Veteran (Honorably Discharged) – ETS or Retired over 365 days
  • $40 Seniors (60 & over) for new applicants & $35 for renewal
  • $0 Active Duty – Includes Active Guard, Texas State Guard & Reserves, & Active Texas Peace Officers
  • $0 Texas Dept. of Corrections Corrections Officers
  • $0 County Jailers


  • $10


The paperwork you will need to submit to DPS:

(a)  If you were born outside the US You will need;  A copy of your US Passport or Certificate of Naturalization or Certificate of Birth Abroad (Just one of these documents)

(b)  If you are prior service you will need; A copy of your DD214 (Member 4 copy)

(c)  If you are Active Duty, Active Reserve or National Guard you will need a copy of your Military ID (front and back) and one of the following:

  • Copy of Current LES statement
  • Copy of Current Active Duty orders or a copy of a current enlistment contract
  • Letter from your commanding officer

(d)  Out of State Applicant, you will need; A copy of your drivers license in color (front and back)


Upon class completion:

Save all documents to your computer, including the CHL-100 certificate you received in class and upload your documents directly to DPS here: